IRIS Mitigation and Design, Inc. (IRIS) is involved in all aspects of wetland analysis, delineation, permitting and required mitigation work including wetland creation, maintenance and monitoring throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West. We have long-term wetland project experience ranging from project inception to completion with full regulatory agency participation and approval. This experience includes a thorough knowledge of Section 404 Clean Water Act regulations and their application to wetland considerations.


The IRIS proven approach is:


  • Conducting wetland assessments and delineations after reviewing existing aerial and USGS mapping for the site. On-site assessments include identifying plant species, soils characteristics and hydrologic patterns following current U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) required data collection and analysis procedures.
  • Determining whether existing wetlands and other “Waters of the U.S.” are under USACE jurisdiction and therefore regulated by the USACE.
  • Delineating USACE jurisdictional wetlands and other USACE “Waters of the U.S.” through field analysis, data collection, and sequential field flagging for USACE review and approval.
  • Mapping the delineated wetland areas by surveying the flagged areas with an approved sub-meter accuracy GPS unit. The surveyed areas are then mapped on an aerial photograph using GIS technology or are added to an existing development plan through AutoCAD or similar program.
  • Working with project proponents to avoid and minimize impacts to wetlands or other “Waters of the U.S.” to the greatest extent possible.
  • Preparing USACE Section 404 permit applications and acting as the client representative to all necessary regulatory agencies.
  • Designing wetland mitigation plans that maximize hydrological connection and include a native plant palette to provide diverse replacement functions.
  • Completing seasonal site maintenance such as organizing irrigation needs, weed control, spot seeding, and tree/shrub replacement as needed.
  • Completing annual monitoring and reporting to the USACE until the project has met approved project criteria and has been signed off by the USACE as meeting these success criteria.