IRIS Mitigation and Design, Inc. (IRIS) offers a wide variety of services to accomplish wetland, wildlife, threatened and endangered species, native plant and habitat restoration, and soil and water quality work on projects. This environmental work involves a combination of the following services:

Project Management

  • Project Coordination and Facilitation
  • Agency coordination (Federal, State, and Local as Needed)
  • Project Design Assistance
  • Project Impact Analysis
  • Permit Review and Selection
  • Project Follow-up Coordination
  • Project Weed Control, Maintenance, and Irrigation Coordination

Field Work

  • Wetland Delineations and Flagging
  • Streambank and Riparian Area Assessments
  • Lake and Pond Water Quality and Vegetation Establishment Assessments
  • Plains, Foothills, and Montane Upland Area Vegetation/Ecosystem Assessments
  • GPS Surveying using Sub-Meter Accuracy GPS Devices
  • Wildlife and Threatened and Endangered (T&E) Species Habitat Assessments
  • Wildlife and T&E Species Surveys
  • Forest, Native Plant, and Overall Vegetation Inventories and Assessments
  • Data Collection, Soil and Water Sampling, and Data Analysis
  • Annual Mitigation Area Data Collection for Required Reporting

Mapping/Plan Production

  • Vicinity and Site Mapping
  • Existing Condition, Proposed Impact and Mitigation Presentation through GIS Mapping and AutoCAD Plans
  • Landscape Planning through GIS Mapping and AutoCAD Plans
  • Proposed Project Planning and Vegetation Design though GIS Mapping and AutoCAD Plans


  • 404 Permit Applications (Nationwide, Individual, and Regional General Permits)
  • T&E Species Section 7 and Section 10 Consultation with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)
  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Environmental Assessment (EA) Preparation
  • Biological Assessment (BA) and Environmental Report (ER) Preparation
  • Fishery Enhancement Planning and Reporting
  • Annual Mitigation Monitoring Reporting
  • Power Point Presentation for Presentations
  • Report Presentation at Public Meetings

Mitigation Planning and Execution

  • Mitigation Area Selection: Wetland, Riparian, Pond, Upland, Shrubland
  • Ground and Surface Water Data Collection for Planning Purposes
  • Grading Planning and Native Plant Species Selection
  • Ground Preparation, Soil Amendment, Seed Mix, and Mulch Planning
  • Streambank Stabilization and Erosion Control Planning
  • Construction Specification and Bid Document Preparation
  • Contractor Bid and Selection Process Assistance
  • Construction and Plant/Seed Installation Observation
  • Irrigation Monitoring and Maintenance

Project Monitoring/Reporting

  • Project Weed Control, Maintenance, and Irrigation Planning and Coordination
  • Growing Season Site Monitoring and Improvement
  • Spot Seeding/Mulching and Plant Replacement Planning and Oversight
  • Annual Mitigation Area Data Collection for Required Reporting
  • Preparation and Submittal of Required Annual Monitoring Reports
  • Final Site Visits with Agency Representatives and Site Sign-Off Completion