Native Plants

IRIS Mitigation and Design, Inc. (IRIS) specializes in all aspects of native plant habitat restoration in the Rocky Mountain Region including:

  • Plains Grassland and Meadow
  • Shrubland and Woodland
  • Foothill and Montane Forest and Meadow
  • Sub-Alpine and Alpine Tundra
  • Wetland and Riparian
  • Pond and Lake Edge

IRIS will work with the client to determine the specific project goals and needs in balance with the existing site conditions. In some cases federal and state regulations over wetland, waters of the U.S., threatened and endangered species, and other wildlife concerns will require minimizing impact to a portion of the site. The project will go through the necessary permitting process including mitigating for any unavoidable impact through the creation of replacement habitat. In other cases the project will include native habitat restoration and enhancement as part of the project goal.

IRIS will complete site assessments, soil sampling, and additional background research to determine project direction for appropriate native habitat restoration and enhancement.


The work will vary greatly depending on the project location and needs, and will require some or all of the following treatments:

  • Existing Habitat Assessment and Reference Habitat Selection
  • Site Grading and Planting Plans/Specifications
  • Contractor Bid and Selection Process
  • Vegetation Removal and Weed Control
  • Soil Excavation and/or Import
  • Soil Sampling and Soil Amendment
  • Soil Preparation and Native Grass/Wildflower Seeding/Mulching and Irrigation
  • Native Wetland Plug Installation and Native Wetland Seeding
  • Native Tree and Shrub Installation/Mulching and Irrigation
  • Long-term Site Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Irrigation/Watering for Plant Establishment
  • Weed Control, Spot Seeding, and Plant Replacement
  • Plant Wildlife Protection and Garbage Removal
  • Annual Site Monitoring and Reporting as Required


The native plant palette will contain a variety of native grasses, wildflowers, herbaceous species, trees and shrubs that are appropriate for the project area and that meet the project goals. The native species will be selected based on existing site conditions such as: elevation, soil type, hydrology source, slope, aspect, micro-climate and established vegetation. The species will then be further defined based on texture, color, vigor, availability, cost, and previous establishment success. IRIS has been involved in many native plant restoration and enhancement projects in the Rocky Mountain Region that have met client expectations, established project goals, and all pertinent regulatory agency success criteria.